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Our conex container units are rated on a 5-star scale.

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    I received the best price for the quality of container I wanted, from ContainersEZ.   I compared price and quality from several suppliers. I was very happy with the container I received.
    I received the best price
    Brad Baum
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    I couldn't have asked for more than this. You guys rock! I found the best storage solutions for my needs! Thanks
    Mindy Carter
    Lean Startup
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    I was very happy to stumble on this site. It's saved me thousands of dollars from what I was looking at paying.
    Eli Jacobs
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    I did not know that storage containers would be so affordable. I was very glad they were able to finance me, and deliver it right to my house.
    Aloysius Ventura
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    I purchased a 3 star container, and I have very happy with the condition. It's even watertight. So glad I found ContainersEZ!
    Corrie Edison